The AIDE Lab has produced two software packages to assist us in data processing and econometric analysis.


The randcoef command for Stata estimates correlated random effects (CRE) and correlated random coefficient (CRC) models following the method described in Suri’s (2011) “Selection and Comparative Advantage in Technology Adoption.” The sample code and data, along with an early version of the paper describing the method can all be found below. Additionally, see our guest post on the World Bank’s Development Impact blog.

Note: randcoef is available from the Stata repository at st0517 and can be installed in Stata by typing ssc install randcoef.


The weather_command for Stata and R processes daily precipitation and temperature data from remote sensing sources and outputs a variety of useful statistics. Daily data in inputted, and the command processes this data and outputs 14 precipitation metrics (e.g., mean daily rainfall, longest dry spell) and 9 temperature metrics (e.g., mean daily temperature, growing degree days).

Note: the package can be downloaded from Github for Stata and R.