Data & Code

Data & Code

As part of the AIDE Lab's commitment to open science, we seek to make all data and code from every project publicly available.


In the AIDE Lab we rely on a variety of data and data sources. This includes observational as well as experimental data that we as a lab collect. But, it also includes pre-existing data from our collaborators, most commonly at the World Bank and IRRI. When data comes from one of our collaborators, we work to ensure they provide public access to it, either via their own website or the Harvard Dataverse. For data we collect as a lab, we work to post the data in a timely fashion on either this website, our personal websites (see Michler's and Josephson's), with the published article on the journal's website, or a third-party repository, like Harvard Dataverse.


Since code requires much less storage than data, it is easier for us to deposit all of our code in a single location. For almost all of the AIDE Lab projects, code to replicate results can be found in our Github Repo.

Our goal is to produce replicable and reproducible code for all of our projects. If the code repositories on Github prove to be insufficient to the task, please contact Drs. Josephson or Michler so that they can address any coding or documentation shortfalls.